who is danmanik?

Danmanik aka dan johnson

A Welsh Heart

Part dragon, part goatdog, part tenor, Dan hails from the small welsh village of Oars Rest and spent his early years foraging for exotic fungi that the Manik family would trade for  meade.

At the age of just twelve and three quarters Dan ran away to Liverpool where he studied illustration at John Moores University. It was here that he developed his love of soccer ball which he used to practice in the park with a boy named Stevie G. Dan later claimed that it was he who persuaded Stevie to stop spray painting phone boxes and to start kicking balls. “I’ll do something with this can whilst you make money with that ball” muttered Dan as he sprayed his colours red forever.

Party like a slack genius

Bob Dobb sub genius

Graduating with an upper middle class distinction, Dan was on the move again; this time south to Brighton, called by the seedy under belly of a seaside town in the full throws of a candy floss rave on a pebble-dune.

It was here that Dan first met Jim Bob of the Brighton sect of the Church of the Sub Genius, a cult of mockers and blasphemers. Jim Bob had been organising free parties to celebrate and give praise to the world avatar Bob Dobbs and “Slack” which will allow one to lead a free comfortable life without hard work or responsibility. 

We’re on to a good thing here thought Dan and Jim collectively and set about being free and comfortable by running a small screen printing business that enabled them to spend many hours at a time in a darkened studio listening to French radio, sipping strong coffees and playing poker way into the wee hours. Stickers, stencil art, and parties all all flowed out of the studio in Brighton’s slack heart. Eventually the adoration of adoring disciples became too much for Jim and Dan who fled to Lewes and grew fake beards to live more innocuous lives.

piss the worlds first air guitar band

Never one to shy the limelight, around this time Dan was one of the founding members of PISS the world first air band. Having spent years in their bedrooms practicing their air licks, PISS, championed by John Peel himself PISS took the music scene by storm and if you’d seen the size of their cod pieces you could not help by eye waveringly impressed.

Amassing 13 platinum selling 7” singles and winning the Brit award for best (but only) air band fifteen years running, PISS eventually disbanded in 2016 sighting artistic indifferences. 

Country and controversy

As the party slipped into days and the months into years Dan, with the assistance of an angelic yogi  began to raise around him a clan of beautiful blonde cubs whom he taught to skateboard, brew cider and forage for fungi. Life seemed pretty good.

A committed vegan Dan founded the fist cheese sanctuary in Sussex where abused cheese could go to retire and live out their lives save in the knowledge that Dan would resist the urge to cover them in in onion chutney and spread them on a cracker…. Claims by an undercover BBC investigation that the whole charity was a ruse to attract some of the world rarest and smelliest cheese to Dan’s cheese board have been dismissed as a camembert faced lie. 

Dan Johnson Artist screen printer collagist
Dan Johnson Beard

beard appreciation society

Speculations that a beard to rival that of W.G.Grace in order to get in to Lewes have been widely exaggerated.

During the times that they did actually manage to brandish a squeegee onto a silk screen they managed to create t shirts for amongst others The Levelers, The Wedding Present and Department of Works

The work of Another Fine Mesh continues to be available for a small amount of Bit Coin in an aircraft hanger in Lewes.

Please note, some of the details in this biography may have been changed to befuddle the innocent.